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After many years of operation (established in 1997), TH, junior high and secondary schools TRUONG VÝNH KY have really affirmed their position in the general education system in Ho Chi Minh City. The school has created the trust of many parents in and outside the city. The school has really become a home for more than 400 teachers and staff of the school. Because of the above achievements, TH, junior high and high school Truong Vinh Ky has been awarded many certificates of merit, certificates of merit, traditional flags and labor medals by the Party, the State and other leaders. and accredited by the Department of Education and Training.

– The Prime Minister awarded 3 certificates of merit.

– Ministry of Education and Training.

– City People’s Committee Ho Chi Minh City awarded the Certificate of Merit, Traditional Flag.

– Second and Third Class Labor Medals; Accreditation for quality accreditation

Educational philosophy - slogan

- Educational philosophy with advanced teaching and learning strategies, creativity and continuous updating to ensure training quality; meet the demand for high quality human resources of society and sustainable development.

Learn how to apply , apply well and get ready the knowledge base for the application.

Learning from practice , Practices always bring vivid, diverse lessons and create favorable conditions for learners to effectively apply their knowledge.


Vision & Mission - The core values of permanent school


– TH, Middle, and Truong Vinh Ky high schools is an advanced school according to international standards of educational activities, and the pride of parents and students when going to school.

With the current situation, the school focuses more on training life skills so that students have the right qualities to live in modern society.

enhance the movement of the school to a new level, regularly organize sports competitions - interact with your schools.


Junior High, Junior High School and Truong Vinh Ky High School is a place to improve personality, develop capacity and take on the aspirations of the younger generation.

Middle School - Junior High School - Truong Vinh Ky build good children in the family, good students at school and useful citizens in society.

Promoting the fine tradition of the nation "Vietnamese schools", meeting the requirements of integration, implementing the "International teaching method", individual teachers, creative students, in order to reduce the theory from chapter overload, strengthening extracurricular practice to practice life skills for each student.


– Discipline, love, responsibility, dynamism, creativity.

Continuing to educate kindness to help the poor and the needy, to help each other in the school collective, especially the Trade Union, Youth Union.

Promote the strength of activities of mass organizations, vibrant literary movement, to help teachers train students physically and mentally, promote achievements in learning and train personality.

Study Program

Overview of the curriculum at Vinh Ky Primary – Secondary – High School is designed for three levels: elementary, junior high, and high school. And English teaching programs and extracurricular programs organized by the school to create skills in learning and development.

We always learn and cultivate the skills and practical knowledge that are applied in the lessons to help them understand the core values, and improve their skills in recognizing problems better.

At Primary School we help you build your bravery, shape your personality, build inspiration in learning. And equipped with solid knowledge to develop in the future.

Training an elite young generation capable of international integration is both a mission. All classes, in addition to the normal curriculum, students are allowed to learn 2 more English classes per week taught by teachers from the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. with university degrees.

Every year, in addition to the regular program, students are organized to participate in the extracurricular and field-trip program in the form of sightseeing, tourism of historical – revolutionary relics, beauty spots in the Western provinces. Southern region, Central region and Central Highlands.

Reasons to Choose High School - Secondary School - High School Truong Vinh Ky - Long Khanh - Dong Nai

Combining elements of modern teaching methods with traditional and cultural values of Vietnam.

International program

International programs from grade 1 to grade 9 are taught entirely in English, provided by the Western Australian academic board and supervised the teaching quality.

Quality teachers

Teachers are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated. All Australian curriculum teachers meet the registration council's professional standards

Extracurricular Activities

Many extra-curricular activities are held throughout the year to help students develop comprehensively intellectually, personality, physically and aesthetically.

Bilingual program

The bilingual program is designed on the basis of harmonizing the curriculum of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the standard framework program.

Advanced classes

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Modern facilities, complete with high standards, meeting the goals of comprehensive training. Separate classrooms and labs, spacious playground ...


Stemming from the concept that "Teachers are the decisive factor for the success or failure of the school", the school attaches great importance to the construction of the contingent of staff, teachers and staff. The University invites a number of University lecturers (Pedagogy University, University of Natural Sciences ...), teachers with teaching experience ranked Good at Public schools.

Truong Vinh Ky teachers include Vietnamese and foreign teachers

Do you want to experience the interesting and effective English learning method of Truong Vinh Ky?


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